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Beyond the classroom... without the stress

Your one-stop shop for student travel
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Founded by educators,
we know how difficult it is to plan and facilitate all forms of student trips

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Loved by thousands of teachers, our communication and logistics app makes facilitating student trips so much easier. 

"Chapperone was an invaluable communication tool for our trip to Washington DC. We used it as our primary form of communication between chaperones and students, between chaperones, and between the trip and families. It was especially helpful when sending reminders about the schedule, meeting times, and other logistics."

"Being able to communicate with all of our students without having to exchange phone numbers or rely on email made our overnight trip so easy. We never had to worry about a student not knowing where to go and when to be there, and we could send reminders as needed. This put the minds of our chaperones at ease so that they could actually enjoy the trip, too!" 

12th grade trip to Boston

Automated permission forms, trip itinerary builder, parent portal, medical forms and more...

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