Safer and easier group travel 

Explore beyond the classroom and leave the stress and risk behind


Designed for teachers, by teachers.

Communicate without sharing phone numbers

Teachers can keep everyone safe and aware of plans by communicating via whole group broadcasts or individual messages. Remind students when and where you're meeting or let parents know you're stuck in traffic - all at a press of a button.

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Ensure access to up-to-date trip information

Remove the potential for students to forget the meeting spot as they can access up-to-date itinerary details and trip logistics. Direct messaging between student and chaperone (not between students) means if they do get lost, they can contact you immediately.

Provide information for parents

Parents can receive updates from chaperones and view trip details. If you're stuck in traffic, a broadcast message to all parents means everyone knows the new ETA. One-way communication with parents is also coming soon in our new premium features.


What Teachers Are Saying

It was so easy to set up and use and saved me hours of planning and worry. I highly recommend.


Josephine Tang, UK

My annual math trip became so much less stressful. It felt good knowing students could contact me if they ever needed to.

Christine Cimino, USA

I can't imagine taking a field trip again without using this app. It was amazing!

Amie Roberts, USA

Simple set up

Create a trip in a couple of minutes and share a unique joining code with students, parents and admin.

Keep everyone safe

Communicate with students, chaperones and parents without sharing your phone number.

Make field trips easier

Designed specifically by teachers for teachers to help before, during and after the trip.


Who We Are


Ali Iberraken - CEO / Co-Founder

Ali is a Physics teacher and Dean of Students at a private school in Brooklyn. A big believer in the benefits of learning outside of the classroom, she regularly takes her students on trips all over NYC. She created Chapperone after a two week adventure with 100 students in Spain which inspired her to make safer and easier field trips.

She is also a mum to Tizi, her unbelievably energetic toddler and Massi, her ridiculously smiley baby.


Greg Benedis-Grab - CTO / Co-Founder

Greg began his work in education teaching in the Peace Corps in rural Tanzania. He has worked in schools as a teacher, technologist, and administrator for over 20 years, currently serving as Director of Academic Technology at a NYC private school. He has led numerous trips and is committed to taking learning beyond the classroom walls.


He is an avid hiker, adventure traveler, software developer, and father to two adopted children from Kazakhstan.

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