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Safer and easier way to chaperone group travel

Learn how planning and conducting field trips can take less time and energy

Chapperone offers administration and communication tools to help teachers take students on field trips safely and easily

Created by teachers, for teachers.

And admin. And students. And parents.

When the creator of chapperone came back from a 2 week trip with 100 16-year olds, she knew there had to be a better way to use technology to relieve the stress placed upon chaperones. And that's exactly what she did...

What people are saying

Created by teachers, for teachers.

And admin. And students. And parents.

Chapperone is designed to take the stress and risk out of taking students on trips. We offer a comprehensive set of tools to assist teachers both before and during the trip. 


Making field trips easier, safer and simply better

Chapperone's premium membership enable teachers to access our online platform with a wide range of field-trip specific tools.

Before the trip, chapperone will help teachers build an itinerary, group students, collect permission forms and keep track of tasks. Important trip information will also accessible by all chaperones, students and parents. During the trip, chapperone enables teachers, students and parents to communicate without sharing phone numbers. Emergency features will be also available to ensure the students' safety at all times.

Information sharing

Everyone on the trip has access to the most up-to-date information and are alerted when anything changes


Communication is possible before, during and after the trip with selected groups without sharing phone numbers


The trip leader has access to a wide range of tools to help the planning process - from creating groups using student surveys to tracking permission forms.

The free app is available now on iPhones and Androids

Communication without sharing phone numbers

Send group alerts and individual messages to everyone on the trip. When the bus breaks down or it starts to rain, make sure everyone knows the new plans. And save time and energy by allowing students to send you a message when they realize they have left their school bag in the museum.

Access up-to-date trip information on your phone

Make sure everyone has access to the itinerary, trip logistics and any specific instructions to keep them safe and where they are supposed to be. And as things invariably change, keep everyone up to date with these changes.


Our Story

The idea of chapperone was born after a 2 week trip to Spain with 100 sixteen year olds...

Utterly exhausted and with that familiar end-of-trip pounding headache, high school teacher and dean Ali Iberraken realized that there had to be a better way to chaperone group travel. Constantly running around making sure students knew when and where to be, she knew that technology could make this process a whole lot easier, not to mention make it safer for the students too.


As she thought more about field trips, she realized that while she knew the educational benefits of taking students out of the classroom, she was often reluctant to take her classes out because of the extra hours of planning that were required.

So she decided she wanted to make the planning of the trips less time consuming and the trip itself both easier for the chaperones and safer for the students. And that's what she did - she created chapperone.


What Teachers are Saying

It was so easy to set up and being able to communicate with the students made the trip  more enjoyable and much less stressful

My annual math trip  suddenly became much easier and I saved so much time being able to quickly share information with chaperones, students and parents.

I'll never take students on a trip again without using chapperone.

Josephine Tang

Christine Cimino

Amie Roberts


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