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Frequently Asked Questions

What about student privacy and data protection?

Student privacy and protecting personal information is hugely important to us and we take every precaution to ensure this. We are compliant with the guidelines stated in COPPA (Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act) and FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act) to ensure all data is handled safely and responsibly. In short, the data is kept securely and we never sell personal information. For a detailed insight into how we use and don’t use data, take a look at our privacy policy. And any remaining questions you might have, get in touch with


Planning this trip is taking long enough as it is, I don’t want to spend yet more time setting this up. How long does it take to set up?

About two minutes. Creating the trip is easy - just fill in some basic information and you're done. Now you give the students a code which they input into their app. And you're all set.


Is there a way to use this to communicate with parents?

Absolutely. You can create a separate group for the parents where you can send alerts to them and keep them up-to-date with the trip details. This way they can receive group alerts to let them know that you’ve arrived safely or you're stuck in traffic so pick-up will be an hour later. You can also share with them a basic overview of the trip so they can see what their child is up to. 


How can students contact me without having my phone number?

Once students download the app and join the trip, you can then send them alerts and messages, and they can send messages to you. However, this communication does not use phone numbers but rather data transmitted via the app. Therefore, even though you can effectively text with the students, they will never get access to your phone number.


Will students just use this to chat between themselves?

No. We didn’t want to create yet another communication channel between students - they have plenty of those already. So we have ensured that students are only able to send messages to chaperones and not to each other.

We want students to be on their phones LESS not more, why would we ask them to use this?

We have found that using just one reliable channel for information sharing actually reduces the amount of time students spend on their phones. Instead of texting/facetiming/snapchatting/whatever it is they’re now doing, they have a sole reliable source of information which means they know where to quickly look for the information they need as opposed to contacting all their friends who also don't know where they're supposed to be.


How does this make the trip easier for teachers?

At a push of a button, you can let everyone on the trip know about any itinerary changes, or remind them that they have just 30 minutes until the coach is leaving. So instead of wrangling students and finding late ones, you can just send a group alert or an individual message to that student you just know will forget where to meet. You can also send reminders to bring permission forms in, wear the right clothes, bring a bagged lunch, whatever it is that will make the trip go much more smoothly.

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