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As teachers' most-loved student travel app, Chapperone is dedicated to improving experiential learning for students, teachers, and parents. Not only does our app offer communication, logistics and emergency features to safeguard all those on the trip, we offer a range of professional learning webinars based on everything to do with experiential learning.

Take a look at any upcoming sessions below and do reach out if you have any requests for potential PD that our teachers can offer...

What's coming up...

'Building a culture at your school that encourages more frequent and more meaningful Experiential Learning’

Join Chapperone’s founders Ali and Greg - two seasoned educators and administrators, as they talk about how we embed experiential learning more deeply into a school's culture. We all know how powerful Experiential Learning is, but what are all the different ways in which we can offer students these benefits? Help teachers think beyond a simple 'once a year field trip' and see your students interact and engage in the real-world in a wide variety of ways.

​You'll learn:

  • the different ways in which students can benefit from Experiential Learning

  • ideas to actually encourage more frequent off-campus activities led by teachers

  • ways that administrators can offer school-wide structures and systems that support Experiential Learning


'Taking bands, orchestras and choirs on the road : Safeguarding your students and reducing your stress'

This webinar has already occurred. Please use the link below to watch it at your convenience

As a band, choir or orchestra director, taking students on all the trips you do offers them incredible opportunities to learn and grow.  But, as the leader providing these meaningful experiences, you know that not only do they come with the joy of providing lifetime memories, unfortunately, they can come with lots of stress attempting to “round up, organize and supervise” 50, 75 or 100+ students outside of the school environment!

So join Chapperone’s founders Ali and Greg - two seasoned educators, will show you how to make these trips safer, more secure and less stressful.

You'll learn how to:

  • Communicate with everyone on the trip and parents at home all without sharing personal phone numbers

  • Keep all your students and chaperones up-to-date about any inevitable schedule changes

  • Ensure all students have access to emergency procedures and information

And we’ll even give you different ideas to get funding for this essential safeguarding tool


And the best news… All attendees of this webinar will receive a $200 credit towards an unlimited subscription!

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