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Get Set Up Quickly and Easily

You're taking students out on a trip and you've made the fantastic decision to use Chapperone to ensure the students are kept safe and secure on this trip.

The good news is all your communication, logistics and safety planning needs are met with this simple to use app.

The even better news... it's incredibly quick and easy to get you and your students set up to use it.

And to help even more with the set up, we have this page full of tips and resources to make it even easier for you.

Watch this video to see how to create an account and start using the app

This presentation shows you how to create an account, create a trip and then add students. There are different sections so it can be used by the trip leader, the additional chaperones, and the students too.

Feel free to use the google slides format and make a copy of it and then edit with your trip's specific needs.


We recommend using this presentation in a pre-trip meeting. While sending it out on Google Classroom / email is a good method too - we know students don't always do what we ask them to over email! 

Feel to use the google slides format and make copy to edit with your school / trip's specific info


This is a simple one-pager document that can be used to help teachers, students and parents sign up.

Again, use our google doc to make a copy and then edit for your specific trip/school


This document gives a brief overview of the app and details some privacy concerns that parents might have. 


Any questions, then get in touch!

If you need any assistance with the onboarding process, then we're always here to help!

We can arrange a zoom call with you and/or your faculty. We also have some pre-recorded webinars that might be useful.

Email us... ali (at)

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